The Story of Horseshoe Gin

"All Irish, No Bull" is the mantra of our Irish gin company, Horseshoe Gin. We are proud of our heritage and our straight-talking approach to life, and we bring that same authenticity to our gin.

The Irish are renowned for storytelling but while other gin companies might boast about foraging for botanicals with fairies or distilling with shamrocks and Leprechaun's tears, we keep it real.

Horseshoe gin is a great Irish gin (and a great looking one, at that) made in Co. Down, and that's all there is to it.

The Irish Horseshoe has long been associated with good luck but we believe that you make your own luck in life, just like we've made our own luck by creating an outstanding Irish gin.

We are bold, we stand out, and we challenge the norm. We’re on a mission to cut the bull — come join us.

Our core values of authenticity, honesty, challenging the norm, carving a new path — and being more than just a gin — define who we are as a company; We are more than a product, we are a lifestyle and a way of thinking.

So if you're looking for an Irish gin that is more than just a drink, look no further than Horseshoe. Make your own luck and join us on this exciting journey.

  • About Us

    Gin Makers & Market Shakers

    We created Horseshoe Gin to bring something fun, bold and exciting to the world of drinks! We’ve taken our roll of the dice by making this cracking new Irish gin. Using the same time honoured methods as those that have come before, but carving out our own bold, colourful path.

    We don’t tend to be what most people picture when we say distillers or Irish gin makers, and we love that! Our fresh outlook and take on this industry, along with being a bit of an underdog in this massive market, allows us to be bold, take risks and jump in head first. We were born to be bold. To stand out. And make a statement. Sound like your kinda vibe? Come join our gang.

Love It!

The branding looks amazing and giving me lots of nostalgic memories. The gin itself is superb too!

Customer, Master of Malt

Must Try!

So glad this is on Master or Malt, can’t wait to buy more! My new favourite gin and bottle!

Customer, Master of Malt


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